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The tracks are written and recorded.
Now you want your music to sound BIG and PUNCHY.
Let’s get it done!

When you spend time recording your song, you can end up too close to it and have a hard time mixing because you’ve lived through the recording process. Your song becomes too close to you. That’s when it’s time to hand it off to a mix engineer – someone who hasn’t spent all that time writing and recording your song. Let us find the balance in the mix that brings out the BIG, PUNCHY sound that is your song.

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Find & correct mistakes
Clean up tracks
Remove what isn’t needed
Create stereo spread
Add effects, compression
Create final stereo mix

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Track Guide

Grab this PDF. When you are ready to submit your tracks for editing and/or mixing, follow the steps in this free PDF (you can click on it to open it, or right click > save link as). It will make the process much easier for you and your mix engineer.

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    Sample Tracks

    Darkride’s Hammer Down is a remix, used by permission. For more info, check out Darkride
    The Black Crown’s Flames is a remix, used by permission. For more info, check out The Black Crown
    Young Griffo’s Pennies is a remix, used by permission. For more info, check out Young Griffo
    Trafficker’s My Father Never Loved Me is used by permission. For more info, check out Trafficker

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    About Dale

    Echo Park Studio's mix engineer Dale Cooper

    A musician from a young age, Dale has always been fascinated by the mixing console and how to bring the various instruments to life.

    He has a talent for finding the flaws in recorded performances and editing them so you will have no idea there was ever any problem. Your mix will be built so each instrument sits in it’s own place and won’t end up buried. The end result is a well blended mix of your tracks that sounds BIG and PUNCHY.

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